Fuel Surcharges

A scaled fuel surcharge will be applied to services for hook-lift and roll-off customers. The amount is calculated using a fuel price of $ 2.70 and 4.0 % as a surcharge base. The minimum amount will be 4%. The base is adjusted by .05 % for each penny of difference in the EIA Lower Atlantic published diesel fuel price for the week.

Here is the rate calculation for the posting dated 05/16/2022. The EIA (PADD1C) diesel price is compared to the base price to find the difference, then multiplied by 5 (.05%) (Rounded to one decimal), the result is added to the base percentage setting the fuel surcharge until the next posting.

5.605 - 2.70 = 2.905 * 5 = 14.525 + 4 = 18.5%

The surcharge is effective as of the date an order is received (not retroactive). This policy is important and a benefit to pre-paid accounts because it gives us the ability to quote a one-time price for service that won't change even if the work is performed at a later date when the rate may be different.

As a rule the EIA index is published on Tuesday of each week; holidays are the exception. It may be Wednesday before the information is available. This means the lifetime of the rate is from the time it's known until the time it changes.

Please refer to the US Lower Atlantic Price (PADD1C) on the EIA website. The National Energy Information Center is a government website that tracks the national fuel price.